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Particle Cleaning Machine

Particle Cleaning Machine Manufacturing, car group with cabin, manufacture of particle cleaning machine our particle filter and catalyst cleaning machine is the first in Turkey and Europe with its working and cleaning principle feature. (Dpf Cleaning Machines)

Particle Cleaning Machine

Its production was carried out as being indexed to the cleaning product used. The complete cleaning and reaction medium of the product takes place when the liquid reaches a temperature of 80 degrees.

Radiator Cleaning Machines * It cleans heater cores without any need for dismantling and disintegrating torpedo inside the car.* It cleans the Main Radiator over the car without any need for removing.* It cleans cylinder water channels inside the engine without any need for removing.* It prevents overheating during summer months.

The part that forms as a result of combustion in diesel vehicles and filters the particles in the exhaust gas is called a particle filter. When the Diesel Particulate Filter is clogged, the DPF warning lamp on the Vehicle instrument panel illuminates to alert the driver. The DPF warning light comes on indicates that the DPF catalytic converter needs cleaning or is clogged due to short distance / low speed driving.

Diesel Particulate Filter

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Especially in the new generation ultra-technological vehicles, the fuel consumption of the car can increase when the catalytic converter fails, since the tasks such as increasing the fuel efficiency of the engine and ensuring more stable operation by placing the sensors on it. That’s why you may have low traction, you may have idling problems. Because the exhaust smell of raw fuel, bad odors may come. In addition, you may not pass the exhaust emission test, so dpfmac catalyst cleaning is very important.